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Outpost 45 Delta

Posted on Fri Oct 22nd, 2021 @ 9:24pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn & Lieutenant Senn'Jos

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: Delta Quadrant
Timeline: SD 242109.11

When the alarm klaxons started sounding, Cerywyn at first feared the worst...that the Klael had gotten past their defenses. She headed for the nearest turbo lift and soon stepped out onto the stations command platform. "Report!" she barked. "Fire supression protocols were activated in this part of the station, ma'am" came the crisp reply. The main view screen switched to desk layout mode and she could see the blinking X marks the spot. She frowned. "What's housed in that area?" she asked.

"It's still relatively empty. Those are junior officer's quarters." He gulped a moment. "You requisitioned Cabin 351A for Captain Jissa Tanner, ma'am." Cerywyn nodded. "Aye, I did. Status?"

Whatever reply he was about to give was cut off. ++Taps++ Lt. Senn'Joss to (f)Admiral Cerywyn. She tapped her badge in response. "Go ahead, Lieutenant."
"Captain Tanner is missing, along with the two guard on duty. No sign of her in her quarters or on the station proper. Additionally, there is no fire and no sign of fire in this sector of the station." Cerywyn swore none too quietly. "Report to the command platform, Lieutenant."

"Yes sir." Senn'Joss stated. It did take her long to get to Operations. She wasn't wearing her normal Breen suit, but she did have a phaser on her hip, and a modified phaser rifle slung over her shoulder on her back. "Sorry sir." She said as she walked over to the Admiral.

Cerywyn raised an eyebrow. "Don't apologize for something you didn't do, Lt. We have more important things to worry about. I want you to search the station. She can only go so far. I get the feeling you'll find your missing guards easily. Captain Tanner doesn't strike me as the kind of woman to carry excess baggage if she doesn't have to." Cerywyn paused for a moment, staring at the deck layout. "There are some areas of the station that Captain Tanner simply couldn't get to even if she wanted to. Cyrga would keep her out and Captain Tanner....has unfinished business." She lifted her gaze. "If you were in her shoes, what would be your first course of action Lieutenant?"

"I already have a deck by deck search already going sir." Senn'Jess said. "I also have every shuttlebay and transporters on lockdown. Also I have guards posted at all docking berths and key positions around the station." She added. "If I was in her shoes. First step would be get weapons. Which she has already done. My next step would be get a warp capable ship. Sir, do you know what her unfinished business is?"

Cerywyn shook her head. "No, I don't. Despite popular opinion that I'm nosy or that I'm some how omnipotent, I'm really neither. I would no more violate Tanner's thoughts than I would yours. Such a thing is just not done. That said, what I do know is that she had an overriding sense of anxiousness that she kept carefully controlled. Some thoughts leak in those moments. When she was captured, she was in the middle of something." Cerywyn paused and walked over to the astrometrics console and tapped it. The main view screen shifted to reveal a sector map. "This area here" she pointed to a span of space "represents a rough equivalent of what passes for the neutral zone in the Delta Quadrant. The Tykarians are here" pointing a bit north. "We are here" she said, indicating Cyrga and "the Klael are here..." said. "For the last decader or more the balance has been maintained. However, we've lost contact with outpost in this area" she again pointed at the map "in this region of space where the neutral zone hits all three forces: the federation, the Klael and the Tykdarians. "The Federation has colonists, scientists, at these locatons and signals have stopped transmitting. The Tykarians keep us and the Klael out of their space, for many reasons and a treaty that's as solid as they come. The Klael....are a likely possibility but no proof. Captain Tanner was picked up in this area - the Tykarians left their own space when they saw she was headed into Klael space. My guess is she's heading back there. How do you feel about a little trip?"

"I'm always ready for a trip, ma'am." Senn'Jos said. "I should get my gear together." She said. "What time do we leave?"

"You select your team and let me know who the acting CSEC will be in your absence. You leave as soon as you get your gear ready. There is an IXL craft that will take you where you need to go. One of the men in Admiral Korin's command will be your pilot. The craft is sleek and fast and it's cloaking technology advanced. Just what you need." She paused. "It's docked near docking ring Alpha 6. For the bulk of your mission, you'll need to be on radio silence. Your team needs to be people that you don't have to tell what to do all the time. Any other questions?"

She nooded. "Good." She handed him a PADD. "There are details for an encrypted network and a means of contating the station, in particular Lt. Grace. Encrypted or not, keep it to pertinent information only." She clapped her security officer on the shoulder as she passed. "Wind to thy wings, Lt."

"Yes, Ma'am." Senn'Jos said. "Lieutenant Hanz can cover for my absences." She added before heading out.


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