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There was no one before you

Posted on Sun Aug 22nd, 2021 @ 7:55pm by Primrose Theodora & Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: Cyrga Station

The Runabout Izinami docked with the station, it only had one passenger, a pale-skinned beautiful hybrid with lovely lilac-colored eyes which was odd for this hybrid, the young diplomat was looking over some PaDDs. "ma'am we have arrived at Cyrga station, we are just finishing docking procedures," the co-pilot said giving her a small nod.

Theodora just nodded, her eyes not blinking, or did they; it was always tough to tell.

As the docking procedures continued, one of her PaDDs beeped letting her know that she was meeting some yeoman, a lieutenant Grace. Theodora sighed. She was exhausted; the latest round of negotiations went nowhere, yet they also didn't deteriorate which was a good thing seeing as the ceasefire stayed in place. "You are free to disembark ma'am," the co-pilot said snapping Theodora out of her daydream as she walked down the ramp. There was one person waiting when she reached the bottom. Theodora inclined her heard. "Lieutenant Grace?"

That the Fleet Admiral was busy was nothing new but with the XO's departure and tensions tight on the border, she'd had no choice but to delegate. Cerywyn trusted her yeoman to see to the arrival of a newly appointed diplomat, one Primrose Theodora. Grace nodded when addressed. "Welcome to Space Station Cyrga, Ma'am," she said. "(f)Admiral Cerywyn will arrange to meet with you in the next few days, but for now, I thought you might want to see your quarters and get settled. Cyrga can be a bit of an adjustment for newcomers."

Theodora nodded looking around, and the lieutenant was right, right off the back there was something different but at the same time, any new place had that thing you could never place. "I also would like to see the diplomatic offices and get an update on the border and anything else that the previous team was working on," Theodora said finally turning her full attention to the yeoman.

Grace frowned slightly. "Diplomatic offices and living quarters on the station are in the same area." She motioned for the woman to follow her and nodded to the petty officer to pick up the bags and take them to the assigned rooms. He followed a few feet behind. Grace continued. "As for the previous team. There isn't one. The border is off-limits. The Klae don't negotiate. They kill, without mercy. The Admiral can fill you in with pertinent details but the short version is you're the first diplomat to arrive here." Many twists and turns later, Grace paused outside one of the diplomatic suites - these were all laid out fairly similar. "Your living quarters are on this side of the hallway. There are several rooms for receiving guests, hosting a small dinner, and private office space. On the other side of the hall, you'll have room for the more formal day-to-day business you may have to deal with and your staff offices. For the nonce, you've been assigned several crewmen with the requisite skills until your staff arrives." Grace handed her a PADD. "If you'll place your hand here and then, I'll need an eye-print and voice print." That done, Grace inclined her head, authorized the security codes to the door, and downloaded the voice print and eye print to the computer's memory banks. She turned to Theodora. "Your bags are already inside. I'll leave you to settle in. Until you've learned your way around, Crewman Cora" she paused and motioned the younger officer forward "will serve as your guide. Cyrga is unlike any place you have been for many reasons and it's easy to get lost. Send me a suitable time to meet with the Admiral and I'll get you on her schedule. Do you have any questions?" Grace left the thought hanging there. "It was well into evening shift and she still had quite a few items on the Admiral's to be done list that still needed doing.

Theodora nodded finding this a bit annoying, " the planetary embassies?" Theodora asked as she was working on getting her bearings, she also gave a small polite nod to the crewmen to acknowledge her presence, "sorry, I don't want to seem difficult, but I am just trying to understand why now we are placing a diplomatic team here, it seems very un-Federation to not try and get peaceful negotiations going, even with a species that only uses vicious force; as you explained, as their means of communication," Theodora added.

Grace nodded. "There are plenty of people, species, colonies, not the least of which are the refugees that need resettlement that requires your skills. At present, negotiating with the Klae is out of the question per the Federation and FAdmiral Cerywyn." She sighed quietly. "The Klae made the choice when they started sending anyone they caught near the border back to us in pieces. I'm fairly certain you'd like to avoid that unpleasantness. Beyond what's already known publically, you'll have to take it up with the Admiral. I don't have the authority to speak beyond the information I've shared."

"Tomorrow morning, breakfast would be perfect if the admiral can fit into her schedule," Theodora said as she roamed her small personal space, it was simple but very nice which was usually the case for diplomatic officers.

Lt. Grace nodded. "Breakfast for the Admiral is at 0400 hours. I'll let her know to expect you."

"Thank you, lieutenant," Theodora said giving her a nod as she noticed her bags, "...if nothing else I think I shall get to unpacking and turn in early tonight," she said simply but also knowing that she'll be keeping the crewmen for a little bit mostly to fill her in as much as she could.


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