The Black Planet Rises

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The Black Planet is at the heart of the Klae system and home of the Klael - a fierce warrior race who rules by fear and terror. Beaten back in an earlier encounter with Starfleet - the Klael retreated to the Klae system, humiliated to have been beaten by what it considers an inferior species and a female at that. Time passed. The fleet's presence for many years kept the Klael confined to their own system, but then, the fleet presence began to diminish and the Klael began to emerge from the shadow, reclaiming rim worlds while their pleas for help went unanswered. . . until now.

Picking Up the Pieces

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At some point, the battles stop, and everyone looks for a return to 'normal'. How does one find normal after such a long, tense mission of which the net result was the discovery of a new planetary system, the defeated stalemate with the Klael and a hard won truce between the Federation and the Klael. We're about to find out.

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