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Lieutenant Senn'Jos

Name Senn'Jos

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Breen
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot
Weight 180 pounds
Physical Description Breen Uniform. She wears, most of the time, the standard Breen uniform. It is badge with a darker muzzled looking helm with a single gold visor and heavier looking boots. But this was just a covering for her real suit.

Her real suit had a full face mask that contained a HUD, that will link with any weapon in her hands. It is also a fully contained environmental, lightly armored, and extremely flexible. When she isn't in her Breen suit she does wear an extra light armored hooded robe.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jek'Jos
Mother Mek'Jos
Brother(s) Nar'Jos

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses ( +) Strategist
( +) Extensive Weapons training (prefers the Sniper Rifle)
(+/-) Stubborn
(+/-) Likes the Racial Mystery with the other races
( -) Suit Dependence
( -) Physically Weaker then other Races
( -) Environmental Requirements
Ambitions To find the one and settle down
Hobbies & Interests Studying various Projectile and Energy Weapons, reading, Working on her Suit

Personal History Several colony ships fled the Breen Confederacy, right before the the Breen joined the Dominion War. Senn'Jos was born on a world within Federation space, as he mother was pregnant at this time. Starfleet Intelligence kept a very close eye on this colony. The world they found was perfect for their environmental requirements. But Starfleet was trying to figure out why they started to build bio-domes, with their colony ships as the foundation, on a M-class planet.

When she came of age, she told her parents that she wished to join Starfleet. They where worried that she was going into a field of expertise that would place her in harms way. She told them that she was going to follow into her fathers line of work as security. She had trained in various long range weapons, under her father's masked eyes.

She had to fight hard to be allowed into Starfleet, for as the Breen people are still very hostile to everyone, but she was able to get in. As it was the Federation that allowed her colony to settle within their boarders. The teachers where surprised at her already knowledge of weapons and their use and care. Life was interesting in the Academy, difficult but interesting. She had to deal with many hardships as many didn't want to work with a Breen.

She graduated from the Academy and Worked hard on every ship that she was posted to. And most cases with distinction. She had no issues on the USS George Washington, an older Excelsior-class starship. She spent 3 years here learning and working for the betterment for those of her colony. Then when the new Security Chief was appointed to the ship, he had her transferred off the ship, because he didn't trust her or her motivations.

Then she was transferred to the USS Republic, an Ambassador-class starship. She was a bit taken back as this ship seemed to be crewed by the rarer species of the Federation. She spent 5 years on this ship along the Romulan Boarder.

Then she was transferred to Starfleet Command for some more training and just plain Guard Duty. This posting she felt was boring but a bit satisfying. She was able to go hunting to hone her survival and marksmanship skills.

She requested a transfer to another post, but wasn't sure where to go. So she left it empty, but was surprised when she was being transferred to Cyrga Station in the Delta Quadrant.
Service Record Starfleet Academy (Majored in Security/Marksmanship with a Minor in Strategics) 4 years
USS George Washington 3 years
USS Republic 5 years
Starfleet Command 2 years
Space Station Cyrga Current