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Primrose Theodora

Name Primrose Theodora

Position Diplomatic Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Novan x Betazoid hybrid

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Lilac
Physical Description Theodora has a pale complexion, her pale complexion Makes her lilac colored eyes vividly stand out especially with her jet black shoulder length hair, due to a birth defect her ear lobes, which were elongated which meant they ran down her jaw line for a little ways. Theodora's hair could be seen straight, or slight ringlets down near the end.

As for outfits when conducting business simple pant suits, or dresses, dark in color, while enjoying time off she's a little bit more flamboyant but still dark in color, the only thing that stays constant are her either black, deep red wine, or even dark dark brown velvet elbow length gloves that she always has on.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Theodora can be scathing to non-telepaths, self-possessed, sardonic, moody, cynical, and does not smile often. Theodora is also reserved and prefers to keep her emotions locked up, choosing to examine the world with realism and logic, a lot of this stems from the fallout of the Telepath War and her trying to understand what the war was about.

She also prefers to go by Theodora or Theo with people she is close with.
Strengths & Weaknesses Theodora's stoic and self-possessed nature has proven to be a strength and weakness, the strength part of it has kept her driven and wanting to survive and wanting to push on, now the weakness side is well…..she struggles to make Human-connections, whether it is friendships or something more.
Hobbies & Interests Theodora has always had a unique look at religions and enjoyed reading about of them

Personal History Theodora was just a young child during the [place event here] her parents supported the idea of believing that a singular group, (ie Federation) had no right to control an entire species, so her parents were a bit radical in their views and it shows as Theodora grew, her parents were also careful to not fully indoctrinate their daughter wanting her to have the freedom to choose what she believed in.

So during Theodora's formative years, her parents continued to train and develop a strong moral/ethical compass/code as well as making sure she knew she could be herself. While also making sure she understood that her abilities did have consequences if used improperly or unethically.

Her parents owned/operated a simple bodega on Ganymede, stocking everything from medical supplies to food and well pretty much anything they could get their hands on. The bodega was also used as a meeting place and safe haven for any members of the resistance.

Living above the bodega Theodora led a weird sheltered and yet very unsheltered life, Theodora attended the local school, like most colonies they tried to stay as neutral as possible when war started and this was why Theodora was still able to attend the local school.