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Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

Name Cerywyn

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Fleet Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Auran
Age 450

Physical Appearance

Height 4'5"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Silver and black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description She's short by human standards, quite petite oveall. Her small size should not be be taken lightly. She may be small, but her presence call fill a room before she walks in. Her favorite color(s) are any shade of blue and you'll often find her in a modified Starfleet Uniform as a result of her small size. She has a steely look about her and she can be quite cold and aloof at time but she is loyal to and dedicated to those with whom she serves.


Spouse Ian Korin (Admiral Ian Korin, IXL Legion Commander, Klingon rank, 'Sa)
Children Two adopted children born to her friend, Ambassador Tesslie and put into her care upon the death of her beloved friend.,
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Brother(s) Deceased
Sister(s) One, Kieran - who has served as a counselor on occasion in Starfleet but who for the most part, passes through the world in a plane unto herself.
Other Family The officers she has commanded past and present.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cerywyn is not someone you want to annoy or make angry as many a Federation enemy has come to know. Her work ethic is intense, and she often expects the same of her crew. She will also step in when she thinks an officer has spent him or herself to the point of exhaustion. While she expects hard work, she also encourages down time as a tired crew is not a good crew. Her friends know her as a compassionate, caring individual - as does her crew. At the same time, when it comes to the Federation and Starfleet - she is all business. If she smiles in a meeting, that is not a good thing. She is an empath/telepath of the highest order - one who is well trained and extremely gifted. That said, she keeps her ability tightly controlled and does not intrude on anyone's thoughts - other than those passively floating on the surface. When needed however, she can and has brought the full force of her ability to bare usually to the detriment of her enemy who might have wished for death instead. She can be coldly and brutally efficient when the need arises. She will not take avoidable risks and she is known for breaking the rules and asking forgiveness later - especially when lives are at stake and can be saved.
Strengths & Weaknesses Most medical history is classified but these two incidents are public knowledge.

239908.xx Broken arm in TL accident.
2400009.xx She was kidnapped and severely beaten and heavily drugged by Klael in an attempt to gain control of the Endeavour. Her face was nearly unrecognizable upon recovery and her arms and fingers so badly swollen that her hands and arm appeared as one. She has since recovered fully with few ill effects.

Additional notes

Her main weakness is her sense of loyalty and honor to her crew - her intense need to protect them from harm. Her greatest strength: the same intense need to protect her crew from harm. She will take all measures necessary to save a life - rather than to take it.
Ambitions Ambitions to see the Federation and Starfleet thrive - her whole life has been given over to making sure the right people were in the right places at the right time...from the very beginning.until now.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies??? - Work...and then more work. She is an insatiable student of knowledge.

Research consisting of work with the space time continuum distortions and its effect of the neural paths of the brain. Received a doctorate of Psychology from the El Aurian University. She's also interesed in Old Earth Literature especially from the 18th and 19th century as well as classics such as Shakespeare and Milton. She's well versed in old Earth History, most notably that of the latter 19th and 20th centuries.

Personal History I am 448 years old. Though most humans find that figure staggering, it is really quite young for an El Aurian. Although we age, we age at a rate most humans do not understand. Our life spans are extremely long and generally cover centuries and more. To be 448 is to be physically appearing to be about 40ish in human years. I grew up in Boreal on the El Aurian Home world. My parents were both educators and researchers at the university. They later became chose ambassadors from our world to earth...a job they did well. My world, the one in which I grew up in has always been one full of learning...of knowledge and of stories from days past. As I grew, I accompanied my parents on their treks to Earth. For many centuries we were only quiet observers, unobtrusive strangers who just appeared from nowhere. My parents witnessed first-hand America's birth and I saw it's fall...I saw war mar the landscape and forever change the lives of people. My father began to despair of Earth ever being peaceful. My parents even saw the beginnings of the Federation emerging. If they could only see it now. Despite popular belief, our presence did become known and accepted to a chosen few in the ranks of power and command in the Federation, it has ever been so. Then suddenly my race was gone, except for a few hapless survivors like me. I had only been a member of the High Council for about 50 years when they arrived....from the darkest reaches of space they came...swarming like bees to a hive....The Borg....annihilating everything in their path...Resistance is futile will always haunt my dreams. I contacted a friend I had long known who was now at Star fleet Command. She helped relocate me to my home on the coast of Ireland...secluded away from all the things I wanted to leave behind. I have continued my work in psychology and the space time continuum, occasionally being of use to Star fleet as long as they didn't make it public. Repeatedly, I have refused their request to become part of their organization, preferring as always to work on the periphery. It is only at the urgent request of a friend and my own inner voice haunting my sleep, that I find myself donning once more, a Starfleet uniform. This time with great trepidation.
Service Record Previous Assignments:

Chief Counsel to the El Aurian High Council
Research Scientist for the El Aurian Institute of Psychological Sciences
Family Counselor
Other important date in Cerywyn history
197107.07 ------- Birth of Cerywyn
227104.28 ------- Destruction of El-Aura
239512.20 ------- Visit to Gilmore 3 by Cerywyn
239606.14 ------- Destruction of Gilmore 3

---- =/\= STARFLEET HISTORY =/\= ---

All Activitiy prior to 239807.05 is Classified.
239805.05 ------- Assigned to USS Whitestar as Ship's Counselor
239806.23 Leviathan Mission onboard the Star--Cerywyn helps to find a cure for an ailing Atlantian friend.
239809-239811.xx Doomsday Machine Mission
239809.06 ------- Promoted to rank of LtJg
239811.22-239812.12 Romulan War plot, the Star arrives during the middle of an attack on Vulcan.
239811.23 ------- Promoted to rank of LT
239812.12-239903.07 Mission to establish Academy on Valara
239903.08-239903.21 Defense of DSO
from the Dominion forces.
239903.21 ------- Promoted to rank of LtCmdr
239906.05 ------- Promoted to rank of Cmdr
239906-239909 ---- Involved in the Insurrection Plot
239909.01 ------- Made Acting Commander of the USS Endeavour
239911.05 ------- Promoted to rank of Captain
239911. -------- Received permanent command of the USS Endeavour
240007. Became Deputy to Theta Fleet Command.
240009.16 ------Promoted to the rank of Flt Captain
240203.19 Promotion to Commodore
240206.22 Rank Adjustment to Rear Admiral
240209.08 RAdm Cerywyn Disappears from the USS Endeavour MIA for approximately 2 Months. She is later found and resumes command of the Endeavour.
240211.XX Accepts Role as Deputy SF SCI Chairman
240409.30 - RAdm Cerywyn is kidnapped and presumed dead during a mission to investigate the disappearance of several diplomats from Keeva, a DQ resort.

240605.17-240612.31 - OOC: UCIP Bylaws Committee Work.

240604.07 - RAdm Cerywyn is found, barely alive on a desolate planet, by an special team led by Cmdr Koer and Col. Nick O'Bannon her former CSEC onboard the Endeavour and her former protege.
240610.29 - RAdm Cerywyn assumes command of a classified ship within SF known as the TS-Genesis.
240709.07 - RAdm Cerywyn closes the Genesis project and is reassigned as Sector Commander to SB Versailles.
240801.20 - Promoted to the Rank of Vice Admiral and Awarded the Galaxy Cluster for Service.
240806.08 - Promoted to the Rank of Admiral by FAdm Kerry Malone
241505.XX - Promoted to the Rank of Fleet Admiral by UCIP President Thomas

241505.XX – 241805.XX – Yadalla Sector Commander, Beta Quadrant, CO, SB Versailles

The service record is missing a few things because I did not keep it fully up to date in the old database. This is most of it, but not all of it.

The El Aurian Silver Cross...for mediating a dispute between rival members of the high council thereby preventing a hostile faction from forming with in our race.

239903.29 Blue Ribbon of Excellence for Operations
239904.12 Blue Ribbon with Gold Star-Proficiency of IRC Command/Email Sim award SD
239904.05 Blue Ribbon of Excellence for Tactical
SD239903.15 Blue Ribbon of Excellence for Counseling
239904.26 Blue Ribbon of Excellence for Science
SD239904.05 Blue Ribbon of Excellence for Operations

239811.22 Awarded Silver Star for Valor
239811.22 Awarded Starfleet Achievement Medal
239811.22 Awarded Purple Heart
*the above for actions during the Doomsday Machine 2

239910.09 Legion of Merit
239910.13 Silver Star for Valor
Star Cross for Merit
Starfleet Unit Citation
240004.20 Nova Cross for Merit
240004.20 Timmis Award--Gamma Fleet
240009.11 Bronze Medal for Service
240009.11 Nova Cross for Merit
240009.11 Timmis Award---Theta Fleet
240103.19 Bronze Star for Valor--Tykarian Plot
240103.19 Fleet Unit Citation (SFCom)--Tykarian Plot
240106.10 Silver Star for Service
240106.24 Tobruk Medal of Honor--Borg plot
240106.24 Legion of Merit--Borg Plot
240106.25 Fleet Unit Citation--Borg Plot
240110.17 Special Operations Ribbon -- for the UCIP IC DCiC discussion.
SD 240205.14 Awarded Starfleet Cross for Merit
SD 240210.12 Awarded Fleet Service Medal

There are others she's received since then but she hasn't kept up with them all.