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Commander Ray Fox

Name Ray T. Fox

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color brown


Father John
Mother Casey

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Ray's approach to issues or problems can be characterized as aggressive. He tends to only accept a solution when it seems to be perfect, which sometimes leads to lengthy arguments with his superiors.

Members of his team are considering Ray both a mentor and a leader. He is terrible at managing, though. The integrity of the team and the personal development of each member is his primary focus, leaving not much space for non-performers or under-achievers.

Some of his friends are complaining about the time he spends reading up on current technological advancements, intriguing engineering challenges or math puzzles. If this is a strength or a weakness remains to be seen.
Hobbies & Interests He likes to read everything he can get his fingers on.

Ray is always trying to find some time for his favorite sport, malu takai, his favorite way to refocus and clear his mind.

Personal History Ray was born on stardate 236802.10 in Salt Lake City, UT.
His mother, Casey, moved from Paris, France to Salt Lake City as she married Ray's father, John on stardate 236210.11. She still speaks with a french accent. They both inspired him to learn more about all the aspects of traveling through space.
During high school he took special lessons in quantum physics and mathematics.
At the age of 16 Ray had the opportunity to join his mother on a 4 week assignment to LINOX 2, where he performed routine maintenance tasks with LtCdr. Frank Plark. From this point on his personal goal was set, to become a Starfleet engineering officer on board a Starfleet vessel.

While attending the Swansea University Ray focused on subspace and transporter theory as well as encryption technology. He graduated in computer science and physics.

After he left the university he joined the team of Dr. R. Norda in San Francisco to build a cloaking device for communication relays. Ray was one of two non-Starfleet members of the team. The second member was Jane who became his girlfriend two years later. She got injured during an explosion in the lab on stardate 239811.23. Since then, she is living at her parents home near Atlanta, GA.

His first assignment, an Assistant Engineering Officer position on the USS Whitestar under the command of Captain Ian Korin, started on SD239904.27. Since his Academy training had not been completed at this time, the Chief Engineer of the 'Star, Lt. Kevin Smith, educated Ray in the engineering field.

Shortly after he joined the crew, the ship was dragged into a long term battle, the Insurrection. During that time Ray was faced with very challenging situations, some of them leading him to question his loyalty to Starfleet and his crew and loosing all contact to his fiancé for many months.

As Starfleet returned to normal, Ray found more time to concentrate on his work and studies. While finishing up some Academy classes he started before he joined the USS Whitestar, the world around him began to change. Many friends he made among the crew left the ship, unable to cope with the fallout.

Many things happened shortly after. Captain Korin offered Ray the position as Chief Tactical Officer, shifting his focus away from the Engineering he loved to the grim face of battle. He adopted, though, with the help of his fellow crew and the support of his fiancé who he finally could meet again on a regular basis.

The ship was in turmoil, though, the Insurrection war had changed the face of Starfleet forever and personell was shifted in and out on a daily basis. FCpt. Korin appointed Ray as his new Executive Officer. That came totally unexpected and he did not think long before he accepted the offer. Being in Command was not a goal Ray had set for his life, but there he was easing into his new assignment. Unfortunately, an accident near Engineering killed Quillan, the Chief Operations Officer at that time. All attempts to resuce her failed. For the first time in his career Ray was faced with the death of a fellow crew member, which was especially hard given the circumstances. It took him a great deal of time and focus to overcome this tragedy. Quillen was later found to be alive, however.

Not long after the tension between Starfleet and the Klingons started to rise and it was imperative to find a more permanent base for peace. Starfleet Command decided, that the USS Whitestar joins the Imperial Xeno Legion, not just as an intermediate representative, but as a long term commitment. Everything changed from that point forward for Ray. His relationship with Jane broke apart, his mother died in a cross fire during a turmoil back on Earth and his father had to move into a mental care facility.

During the following years Ray was fully engulfed in work. The Legion was such a different organization compared with Starfleet and he spent a lot of time learning, adjusting and integrating. Keeping up with all the changes around him, getting used to the new environment within the Legion and some unfortunate relationship choices took too much of a toll. He needed some time to wind down and recharge. He stepped down from his post as XO and joined Starbase Versailles as a tactical officer. Little did he know how much more challenging life on a Starbase can be.

It didn't take long for the Legion's Commander to call him back. Having separated from Klingon High Command the Legion took on the role of protecting the unprotected, outposts and planets caught between the Federation, the Klingon and Romulan Empire. It was much easier for Ray to adopt to this new role, as politics seemed to stay far away. Or at least that's how it felt.
Service Record Promotions:
- Ensign SD239905.26 USS Whitestar, Lt Kevin Smith
- Lieutenant JG SD239906.18 USS Whitestar, Captain Ian Korin
- Lieutenant SD239909.21 USS Whitestar, LtCmdr Kevin Smith
- Lieutenant Commander SD240001.17 USS Whitestar, Captain Ian Korin
- Commander SD240103.20 USS Whitestar, Fleet Captain Ian Korin

Previous assignments:
- AEO USS Whitestar
- CEO USS Whitestar
- CTAC IXL Whitestar
- XO IXL Whitestar
- CTAC Starbase Versailles
- Communications Director UCIP Internet Devision