Fleet Admiral Cerywyn and Captain Andraste Marin-Das, Joint Log

Posted on Tue Jul 19th, 2022 @ 6:20pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn & Captain Andraste Marin-Das

Mission: Picking Up the Pieces
Location: Space Station Cyrga, Fleet Admiral's Office
Timeline: SD 242206.03

Cerywyn couldn't remember the last time she'd done so much paperwork. If she wasn't writing letters of sympathy to grieving family members, she was writing after action reports for Starfleet and the Federation. Lt. Grace poked her head and cleared her throat "Ahem." Cerywyn looked up and chuckled. "Yes?"
"You wanted to know when the new Doc arrived..." Grace said. "Looks like her shuttle just arrived. I have her kit being sent to her quarters. She should be here in a few minutes."
"Thanks, Grace. Just send her in when she gets here."
"Yes ma'am" she said as the doors closed behind her.

Andraste reached the command level, as helpfully directed to by the station's computer, and reached the admiral's office. This was certainly the largest posting she'd ever been sent to that wasn't an entire planet, but there was something enthralling about that too. She knew it could mean that Bel and Chan could actually follow her here. That thought alone would bring a smile to her face, but there was already one there while she took in her new environs on her walk to meet with the station's commanding officer.

Reaching the outer office, she nodded to the lieutenant she saw there. "Com--" She paused and laughed quietly. "Captain Andraste Marin-Das to see Admiral Cerywyn, please."

Grace stood up and extended her hand. "Welcome to Space Station Cyrga. I'm Lt. Grace, the Admiral's yeoman. She's expecting you." Grace waved to the doors on the right.

Cerywyn was busy going over the latest reports and signing off on a few that were due to be submitted to Starfleet Command and the Federation council. The nice thing about being in the Delta Quadrant was always that sense of being on one's own. The fleet and the Federation were glad that an uneasy truce had been established between the Klael and the Fleet. But as they had done in times past, the Tykarians had 'assisted' for lack of a better word, Cerywyn's Fleet forces and Admiral Korin's Legion forces. The three together were too formidable and the Klael knew they could not win against those odds and grudgingly pulled back to their space. A neutral zone now existed and Cerywyn's people were responsible for the beacons that needed to be placed at various coordinates to worn ships. They were waiting on the latest arrival of beacons and some much needed supplies to arrive from the fleet before they could continue. Until then, ships patrolled the area. The Tykarians had also pulled back to their space and would monitor the area closest to their borders. She looked at her comm panel on her desk when Grace buzzed. "Ma'am, the new CMO is heading to your office." Cerywyn tapped the console "Thank you Grace." Cerywyn stood and smoothed her tunic. Today she was dressed in blue. Her tunic was awash of swirling shades of blue from the deepest midnight to the lightest pale sky and was edged with silver piping. The tunic fell to just the top of her knee and she'd matched the tunic to the midnight colored leggings which disappeared beneath soft black leather boots. She was not the typical Fleet officer by any stretch of the imagination. Her hair was still dark, with touches of sliver, save for the white lock right above the center of her forehead. Today she'd pulled the mass of hair into a loos bun at the base of her neck and held in place with a silver hair pin. Tendrils of loose hair framed her face. She was glad Asa had delievered a hot pot of tea and fresh pastries both of which waited on the trolly near the desk. When the door buzzed Cerywyn, still standing turned and looked at the door "Enter!"

Andra headed in where she was directed, entering the door heading into the office of the admiral. The thin traces of empathic genetics lingering her the doctor's DNA allowed her an interesting sense of things around her, though it was limited. On par with a highly perceptive human, or a shade or two beyond. The doors opened and she entered, spotting the admiral--as the only other person in the room at present--and offered a friendly smile. "Captain Andraste Marin-Das reporting for duty, sir." She bowed her head slightly, respectively.

Cerywyn extended her hand as she replied "Welcome aboard Dr. Marin-Das. We've been expecting you." She motioned to an empty seat as she walked around from behind her desk to take the seat on the other side of the small tea cart that contained two steaming pots, several tea sachet's, all labeled, and a small tray of petit fors, that was placed between the two. Cerywyn nodded to the cart. "Would you like a cup of tea? The chef made a special effort to include something other than my own favorite, an orange-spiced tea. Alternatively, please help yourself to the replicator." Cerywyn smiled. "Although I think the pastries on the cart are much more delightful"

"Orange-spiced tea actually works just fine for me, sir," the doctor said easily, moving to meet the admiral by the cart and look over the selection. "We had a flavor of tea on my home colony that was close to the flavor of the blood orange, but slightly adapted over the years on Kandar. It was always a favorite of mine."

Cerywyn nodded. "I'm sure if you tell Asa, he'll be more than happy to stock the actual tea for you in his shoppe on the main promenade." She picked up the steeping pot of hot water, scooped up the loose tea leaves into the tea ball and carefully poured the hot water over. It didn't take long for the subtle smell of cloves, cinnamon and citrus to fill the air. She did similarly to her own waiting cup. She returned the hot water pot to the cart and then reached for one of the delicate cranberry-orange biscuits and placed one on her plate. "How did you find the trip to the Delta Quadrant, Captain?" Cerywyn had read the young woman's file and could have easily made this a perfunctory visit. She had, however, in her tenure with the Fleet learned that it helped to establish rapport earlier rather than later and there was nothing like the first day to do that. "The chloran wormhole can sometimes been a tumultuous ride and more than a little unsettling."

Andraste settled in and smiled lightly. "It experience," she agreed. "I think it's not one that I would wish to undertake very often, though I emerged on the other sign fairly intact."

Cerywyn nodded and chuckled. "It's not a trip any of us enjoy making, that's for sure. I'm glad you made it safely. Luckily, you won't have to do that again for some time. Being in the Delta Quadrant has it's advantages in that. Sol, is a long trip to make often." She put her tea cup aside for the moment and leaned back in her chair. "Tell me, what is about Cyrga that prompted you to take the posting here? How much do you know about this area of space and the station?"

"I can't say that I knew much about the region prior to accepting," Andra said, sipping her tea and setting the cup onto the table. "But I was intrigued by the posting and like many a Starfleet officer, looking to expand my horizons. This is, to date, the largest scale posting I've had, but I enjoy a challenge. I have a feeling that Cyrga will present just that for me."

Cerywyn raised an eyebrow at that comment. "Cyrga will definitely do that - challenge you." She paused a moment, collecting her thoughts. "The station is the largest facility in the Delta Quadrant and as such, gets a lot of traffice and its fair share of unwanted attention. As chief medical officer you'll oversee all of the medical facilities onboard the station. Additionally, you'll command the medical ship when it is needed in the quadrant. I'd also like to introduce to Dr. Kelcy and Chief Nurse, W'nel. You'll also work with and oversee the civilian medical personnel. You'll have a yeoman assigned to your office and several adminstrative personnel. I don't want you to think the task is too daunting, so we worked before you got here to make sure you'd have the bodies you needed." She reached behind her and grabbed the PADD and then handed it to Andraste. She leaned back in her seat and took a sip of her tea.

Andra took the PADD and scanned it, though she didn't read it in depth as spending the whole meeting reading seemed rude. "I appreciate that, sir," she said, looking up and nodding in acknowledgement. "I'm sure we'll all settle in together just fine. The idea of commanding a ship, even a medical one, is to me. I used to think I'd only end up commanding a ship if everything else went to hell." She chuckled. "But I look forward to spreading my wings."

Cerywyn smiled. "That's the only way to learn how to soar, Captain" she said as she stood. "Then the only thing left is to welcome you aboard once more and leave you to get settled."

"Thank you very much, Admiral," Andraste said, also standing. She smiled as she bowed slightly. "I appreciate your gracious welcome and look forward to working with you."