Posted on Mon Aug 30th, 2021 @ 6:26pm by Lieutenant Senn'Jos

Personal Log: SJR-308566

I have been upon Cyrga for a few months for now. I sort of wonder if Command has made a mistake on my placement here. I feel that this large station is going to push my leadership skills to their breaking limit.

We still have the prisoner, or the Admiral's personal guest, still here on the station. This is annoying me as they are under House Arrest. Which means that I have to keep several of my personal to guard this person.

sigh. We have orders that Diplomats are coming to the station. This is going to be hell on my staff as well. I have spent the last week reviewing the records of my officers to see which ones have Diplomatic Security training, and I'm only half way through my people.

another sigh. I've seen a few odd reports about strange going on's within the sector. This is coming from the various traders and freighter Captains and crews. This is worrying me some, because if we get hit with a massive wave of people, we are going to be stretch thing also.

another sigh. It would be my luck that we get hit with a wave of traders, freighters, and transits, with the Diplomatic Core arriving at the same time. This is just going to murder my people on the OT and will just make their tempers flare. another sigh. I just hope that everything remains quiet.

As I am still trying to get use to this posting. I do have some that don't like the fact that I am a Breen. This has caused more then a few arguments, one sided, with these people. I am trying to ignore their statements and insults, but it is making it very hard. Some people are curious about my people as I'm not walking around in my Breen suit, but in my normal armored body suit. Of cause I could do without the cat calls, is which I believe the Humans call it. I know that I have a shapely figure, but I have no interest in them. another heavy sigh.

End Personal Log: SJR-308566