The first night on Cyrga

Posted on Mon Aug 23rd, 2021 @ 6:19pm by Commander Ray Fox
Edited on Mon Aug 23rd, 2021 @ 8:26pm

The trip had been long and provided more solitude than expected. It is the Gamma quadrant after all, still too little explored to be certain if nobody is nearby or if you are being watched closely. Ray exhaled slowly, looking outside the funny shaped window. He had arrived just a few hours ago, given temporary quarters by a nondescript something. "You ain't on any manifest, dude". Ray couldn't care less and was not in the mood for polite conversation but somehow managed to postpone the necessary paperwork until the next day. All he wanted was a hot shower and a drink. Well, he found neither. The stupid ultrasound shower had perfectly cleaned him and that bellboy dude had locked his luggage away. "For safety reasons until you have been officially permitted to stay." So, no drink tonight.

Ray turned around and surveyed the room. Colorful patchwork would best describe the design and he shook his head. "Nobody at the Academy warned me about that." he said to nobody in particular before he fell on the bed. Grabbing his personal PADD he opened the book he started a few days back "100 questions to never ask a Klingon". Volume IV.

The night was short and not really restful. The sounds aboard the station, or rather the lack of them, was a stark contrast to his previous assignment. Ray blinked for a few seconds before he tried to catch some more rest. Didn't work. He opened his eyes and yawned, stretching his arms wide to both sides. "Computer, whats the time?"
"It is currently 5:45 am"

This would be the first day of his new assignment, a new adventure. A few weeks ago he had received his paperwork, being transferred to Space Station Cyrga as an Assistant Engineer. He felt excited, after spending many years doing quite boring jobs on a remote outpost this was it. His second job as an engineer, well, his first aboard a station.
The USS Whitestar, quite a long time ago. His first job out of the Academy, right onboard this monster of a ship. Oh he loved it. His mind drifted back to the first days aboard the 'Star, meeting Kevin Smith, his new boss, at that time a not so humble Lieutenant, He chuckled slightly. Tyler, Sean, Thera. Cerywyn, that tiny Commander, and Korin, the skipper. His left arm started to shake slightly and Ray frowned. "Time to move" he said aloud while flexing his left hand.

It took Ray almost 30 minutes to get ready. Donning a newly replicated Starfleet engineering uniform and grabbing his personal PADD he left the room. Time to see his new boss.