Picking Up the Pieces

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At some point, the battles stop, and everyone looks for a return to 'normal'. How does one find normal after such a long, tense mission of which the net result was the discovery of a new planetary system, the defeated stalemate with the Klael and a hard won truce between the Federation and the Klael. We're about to find out.

Start Date Fri Jun 3rd, 2022 @ 9:17pm

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Title Timeline Location
Fleet Admiral Cerywyn and Captain Andraste Marin-Das, Joint Log
by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn & Captain Andraste Marin-Das
SD 242206.03 Space Station Cyrga, Fleet Admiral's Office

Mission Summary

After 7 months of what seemed like an endless 'red alert', Cyrga and the Delta Quadrant are attempting to return to normal, status 'operational'. The Klael did not find the Federation as easy a victim as they had assumed nor were they prepared for the combined wills of Fleet Admiral Cerywyn, Cyrga and the brave officers of the Legion. Now, an uneasy and hard won truce has been achieved and a 'neutral zone' established between Klae space and the Delta Quadrant; a new plantetary system has been recently discovered and while part of the Legion continues its peace-keeping duties, the remainder attempt to get on with the business of being a Starfleet Officer.