Commander Kelcy Morrigu

Name Kelcy Macha Morrigu

Position Medical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Unknown/humanoid
Age unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11"
Weight 120 pounds
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color blue-green
Physical Description She was raised in Armagh, Ireland but prior to her 'finding' no one knows where she came from. She is petite but agile. Don't mistake her small size to be a weakness because it is not. Her motto is Cuimhnich air na daoine o'n d'thàinig
thu ( "Remember the people from whom you came" ) This becomes evident when you see the rest of her bio.


Spouse none
Children none
Father none / Galen Ahearne
Mother none/ Chailyn Ahearne
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Chief Nurse W'nel has become like family. The two are typically assigned together.

Personality & Traits

Personal History She was found wandering amidst burning ruins when she
was but a small child. There was no sight of any adult
and the building of pure stone lay in cinders at her
feet, her face was streaked with soot and her clothes
tattered and torn. She did not speak for several days.
She was taken to the nearest village to a childless
couple and given them to raise.

Over time she began to adjust to her new surroundings
and began to speak but whenever questioned about her
name or origins she could not if compelled
not to. The Ahearnes named the child Kelcy for she had
nothing by which to mark her beyond a strange
birthmark on her right breast that resembled something
out of legends of old.

The child developed a cunning nature at a young age,
and a knack for battle and blades before ever she knew
the wrong side of a blade. She had the uncanny ability
to always be in the thick of things even when

There was also a state of complexity to the young
child. She could pick up thoughts with ease and
responded to what went unsaid as if she knew not the
difference. Eventually she became too much for the
Ahearne's to handle for as she grew her unique
abilities grew...and all with no explanation of who,
or what she was. While baring human likeness, upon
closer inspection, her DNA was slightly different, it
seemed to mimic many other forms and settled on
nothing. Each test ran seemed to contradict the
former, as if fate were mocking them. Eventually the
doctors gave up.
Service Record After passing a multitude of tests she was allowed to
enter the academy which she breezed thru. She seemed
to relish the challenge of learning and there was
nothing she did not absorb like a sponge in water.

She has been an officer in Starfleet for some time.
She has served on numerous vessels until ultimately
being pulled on by a subfleet Commander to join a
unique crew, the USS Dirae as a fleet liaison officer.
Now, nearly a year later and many strange events in
between she finds her self in charge of the Ships TAC

After serving on board the USS Dirae for several months,
Kelcy was without warning recalled. The incident occurred
just after Kelcy had, had an encounter on the Bridge with pirates.
(wonders if any of the old crew remembers that plot). The mission ended and the Dirae soon found themselves investigating an ice planet; It was during this mission that Kelcy saw a side of then CO, Capt Kanryth that shocked her and the rest of the crew. Not one to pass judgement in terms of strangeness, Kelcy kept her thoughts to herself; even if the CO had sprouted a tail.

When Kelcy was recalled, she had no idea the reason or person behind it. She soon found herself back in a Starfleet Laboratory and once more a guinea pig ..or guinea person. Again, the test failed to provide any answers. Admiral Mistry stepped from the shadows and approached...that all too familiar feral grin on his face. She intrigued him, not for who she was, but for what she wasn't....normal. He sought not to understand but control...but he'd fail. As in the past, Kelcy stood her ground and brushed off his advances....yet he time to many. When he awoke, the concussion headache she'd mentally given him had left his ears ringing. One of these days her reactions were going to wind her in worse places than the medical bay...for this time not as a patient but as the doctor. Mistry had known how sensitive she was to any discomfort of another....and his ultimate joke was to have her the SF Medical Corps.....a chance to humiliate her into submission and to inflict constant pain. She'd had the last laugh so far for she'd yet to succumb to the discomfort, go mad as he thought and she'd yet to admit defeat.