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Captain Andraste Marin-Das

Name Andraste Carys Marin-Das

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Predominantly Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 136 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description She's not large in height or voluptuous in body, but she tries to make up for both with presence. Her eyes and hair are dark, complements to her deeply tanned skin. Her tapering nose draws attention up to her gently slanted eyes and down to her full lips, all framed before gently waving dark hair.


Spouse Belenus Marin, Husband, Current; Chandar Das, Husband, Current
Father Gareth Vaughn
Mother Amita Vaughn (nee Ramanujan)
Brother(s) Bran

Personality & Traits

General Overview Andraste is the fifth child, but the first daughter, for her parents. She was a woman born to a strong mother, who had been born to a strong mother before her. With that lineage and four brothers ahead of it, it would come as no surprise when she grew up willful, independent, and tough; if sometimes, a little prideful.

As a child, she was rambunctious. As a teenager, she was strong-willed. As an adult, she has been focused and determined. She is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. It may sometimes take her a little time to know for sure what that is, but once she has decided, it takes strong motivation--maybe even an act of the Creator himself--to steer her onto another path.

Her mother--the source of much of this--once described her as a girl that you would not want to stand in front of, regardless of whether she's right or wrong. Her father--who was more amused by her than anything, and perhaps a bit of an enabler--describes her as a woman you should want to stand behind or beside.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent
+ Strong
+ Compassionate
+ Skilled
+ Passionate

- Prideful
- Stubborn
- Overly Independent
- Sharp-Tongued Sometimes

Personal History Andraste Vaughn was born to merchant parents on Kandar Colony, an elder colony of the UFP. It was a fully enmeshed colony with a diverse mix of Federation species and experiences. As such, few current children are 100% any race as several species have intermixed over the centuries. (Andraste herself has bits of Vulcan and Betazoid further back in her family tree, though it seems to only show in hints of empathy that really are just heightened perception and the ability to recognize patterns in the feelings and actions of people around her.)

She was a willful child who became a very independent young woman. Intelligent and caring, she chose to become a doctor. Her initial schooling and residency took place on Kandar. She met and married Belenus Marin during her residency, but the pair didn't spend much time in a traditional mindset. Belenus was doing his residency as well, preparing to be a psychologist.

Within a couple years of residency and general practice, Andra was touched with wanderlust. She wanted to join Starfleet, where she could go out and help even more people while also seeing the universe. Belenus supported anything that helped her be more herself, as she encouraged him the same, and so she applied to and was accepted into Starfleet. Already holding an M.D., she was in the academy for two years and graduated as a junior lieutenant. Belenus moved to Earth One, staying close and central to her early postings.

During her time on USS Hawking, she met Chandar Das. This was where the non-traditional relationship came in because she began to date Chandar, with Belenus's blessing. When the men met, they got along well. Chandar and Andraste married shortly after she was promoted to lieutenant.

Her personal life was a contented on, seeing either or both men whenever she could, while she continued to succeed professionally. She did well in her job, dedicated and passionate in her role as a healer, although not without her trouble areas. Still, they never impacted the care she gave to those she was charged with health and welfare of. Her promotions progressed steadily until she reached the role of commander, which she was happy to stay at until the posting the Cyrga came up and saw her a captain overseeing a base larger than any she'd dreamed of before.
Service Record Born: 2383
Kandar Univerity, Pre-Med: 2401 - 2405
New Yale Medical School: 2405 - 2407
Residency, Kandar Hospital: 2407 - 2408
Starfleet Academy: 2410 - 2412 (LtJG)
USS Hawking: 2412 - 2413 (LtJG - LT)
USS Darwin: 2413 - 2416 (LT - LtCmdr)
Elysium Colony: 2416 - 2418 (LtCmdr - Cmdr)
Command Training School: 2418
Starbase Norland: 2419 - 2422 (Cmdr - Capt)